10 of the best for Japanese Film Festival 2023
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10 of the best for Japanese Film Festival 2023


Japanese Film Festival 2023 marks return of a high-quality showcase and this year features 10 films movie fans shouldn't miss.

(Photo courtesy of The Japan Foundation, Bangkok)

The festival's latest edition will be held in Bangkok and Chiang Mai at venues including House Samyan theatre on Feb 10-19 and Alliance Française Chiang Mai Feb 25-26. The event is a collaboration between The Japan Foundation Bangkok, House Samyan Cinema and Dude, Movie with support from the Embassy of Japan and the Japanese Association in Thailand.

The 10 films take in varied genres and styles for a wide-ranging cinematic experience of Japanese culture.

BL Metamorphosis (2022) Tells the story of Urara Sayama, a high school girl who likes to read BL (Boy Love) manga, and Yuki Ichinoi, a 75-year-old widow who knows the last days of his life are approaching. The two cross paths in the bookshop where Urara works and a story of intergenerational friendship begins.

Inu-oh (2021) An anime film from director Yuasa Masaaki that's been selected for screening at the Venice Film Festival. The story is set in 14th-century Japan where traditional musicians use music to recount the 12th-century war that divided Japan into two factions.

Kids Konference (2022) A documentary observing a kindergarten and its unconventional approach to learning.

The Fish Tale Baby Fish (2022) A film based on the autobiography of Sakana-kun, or Baby Fish Tale, a renowned marine biologist who is known as the ultimate fish master from TV Champion.

And So The Baton Is Passed (2021) Dramatic adaptation of a best-selling Japanese novel. It tells the story of Mi Tan, who is raised by her unrelated mother Rika, and Yuko, who lives with her adoptive father. The story hinges on the completely different relationship Mi Tan has with each family.

May I Quit Being a Mom!? (2020) A documentary exploring the story of a Japanese mother experiencing postpartum depression and trying to convince her husband to help to bear the burden of being a new mother raising a child, all the while contending with the memory of her mother's suicide.

Lesson In Murder (2022) This thriller from director Kazuya Shiraishi tells the story of Masaya Kakei, a university student who receives a letter from Haimura, a serial killer on death row.

Intolerance, Only The Void (2021) Tells the story of a hot-tempered fisherman who lives with his troublesome middle school-aged daughter. A series of tragic events soon catch up with them.

Love Life (2022) Taeko and her husband Jiro are living a peaceful existence with their son Keita. A tragic accident brings the boy's father back into Taeko's life. She throws herself into helping this deaf and homeless man to cope with pain and guilt.

Blue (2021) Directed by Keisuke Yoshida, the film tells the story of Nobuto, a boxer who is not going to be a champion any time soon. He trains hard yet consistently loses. In the same gym and training with him is Kazuki. The latter looks destined for success. Complicating things, he's engaged to Chika, Nobuto's childhood crush.

For Bangkok, check movie showtimes and buy tickets now via housesamyan.com. For Chiang Mai, viewers can reserve their seats from Feb 10 via linktr.ee/dude.movie.

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