Student artists get real in AI exhibition
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Student artists get real in AI exhibition


A collection of mixed-media artworks created by high school students with aid of artificial intelligence is exhibited during "Im-Permanence: Illuminating Existence Through Perspectives", on the 5th floor of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Pathumwan intersection, until April 2.

Artworks created by students and AI. (Photos courtesy of VERSO INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL)

There is an innate desire to make meaning of life, leave impressions and not be forgotten. How do the impressions we want to leave behind influence the life we choose to live?

By gathering perspectives and beliefs from others, nine students in grades 9-11 from Verso International School Bangkok took into account the impact of such interactions to create artworks representing their beliefs on how we should live.

The exhibition also features photojournalism images capturing the narratives of those who have shaped the perspectives of the student artists.

In addition to interacting with others, the students also conducted conversations with AI technology, which further formed their beliefs and viewpoints on existence. The dialogue between the student artists and AI sparked a dynamic and continuous process of refinement, as both human and machine developed a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between impressions and the way we choose to live our lives.

Artwork created by students and AI. 

The resulting mixed-media artworks not only capture the young artists' evolving beliefs, but also offer a compelling commentary on the profound impact that our desire for immortality can have on our individual and collective identities.

Through their creative exploration of impermanence and AI technology, the young artists invite viewers to contemplate their own legacies and the indelible marks they hope to leave on the world.

The opening programme will take place on Saturday at 2pm. There is no admission fee.


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