‘Chefs Uncut’ premiers on Netflix today
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‘Chefs Uncut’ premiers on Netflix today

Asia’s inaugural chef’s story series features two of Bangkok’s best

‘Chefs Uncut’ premiers on Netflix today

CreatorsLab is shining a spotlight on the region’s most innovative and extraordinary culinary minds with its cinematic documentary series, 'Chefs Uncut'.

The series premieres on Netflix Southeast Asia today and is a documentary series that tells the untold stories of six renowned chefs across Southeast Asia, offering an in-depth exploration of their stories, inspirations and challenges. Six episodes take viewers on a cinematic journey through their culinary lives, highlighting their creativity, passion, and dedication to their art.

Season 1 introduces six acclaimed chefs from diverse backgrounds, including chef LG Han of Michelin-starred Labyrinth in Singapore; chef Thitid “Ton” Tassanakajohn of Asia’s Best Restaurant 2023 and Michelin-starred Le Du and Nusara in Bangkok, Thailand; Asia’s Best Female Chef 2024 Pichaya “Pam” Soontornyanakij of Michelin-starred Potong in Bangkok, Thailand; pastry chef Janice Wong  of 2AM Dessert Bar in Singapore; chef Bjorn Shen of Smalls and Artichoke in Singapore; and chef Jordy Navarra of Toyo Eatery in Manila, The Philippines.

Each episode of Chefs Uncut showcases a celebrated chef’s unique culinary style, innovative techniques, and personal journeys. From the bustling city streets of Bangkok to remote villages in the Philippines, the series explores diverse culinary landscapes across Asia, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage and flavours that define the region.

Leaving a banking career, LG Han ventured into the culinary world, earning praise for creative Asian dishes. As the force behind Singapore’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Labyrinth, he redefines local cuisine with a modern touch.

After starting his culinary life as a dishwasher, chef Shen has become a superstar. His restaurant, Artichoke, embodies his creative spirit with dishes like lamb shawarma gyozas and baklava donuts, and his unique concept Smalls seats just four people in each seating, with Bjorn himself taking centre stage for an original omakase experience. 

Chef Wong, an innovator in the pastry world, has transformed dessert-making into an art form. As the founder of 2AM Dessert Bar, she has gained global recognition for her inventive and artistic sweets. She spearheads several global brands. In this episode, she tells for the first time on camera of a car crash in her twenties that may have been the spark and set alight her creativity.

Chef Ton, the mind behind Le Du in Bangkok, achieved the impressive feat of Number 1 and Number 3 World’s Best Restaurants in Asia 2023. Born into a Thai-Chinese family, his dedication to preserving and showcasing Thai flavours has secured his place in the spotlight.

Chef Pam, the youngest female chef to receive a Michelin star in Thailand, blends Thai and Chinese influences in her culinary creations. With a degree from the Culinary Institute of America, Pam’s culinary skills and achievements are truly outstanding, marking her as a rising star in the food world. 

Jordy Navarra, the mastermind behind Toyo Eatery in the Philippines, is a pioneer in Filipino gastronomy. Celebrated for his innovative approach to traditional Filipino cuisine, Jordy showcases his roots and reinvents dishes with a commitment to sustainability. 

The idea for the documentary arose from a discussion between Jon Lister (who directed, produced and edited the first episode) and his friend Arijit Sengupta during the quiet days of Covid-19. It became a passion project that resulted in a documentary centred on Singapore’s LG Han. Completely unexpectedly, a call came from Netflix, via distributor Bomanbridge, who were interested in acquiring the show and turning it into a six-part series.

“I was on a shoot with a client at the time, and I quite literally jumped in the air. Asia has more Michelin stars, fine dining restaurants and investment in F&B than anywhere in the world. There is incredible innovation happening in this continent, and it deserves to be shouted about; what better way to do this than with a show telling the stories of Asia’s best chefs. Ultimately, CreatorsLab is all about letting people around the world know that the creative culinary scene in Asia is a force to be reckoned with,” says Lister.

Chefs Uncut: Season 1 premieres on Netflix Southeast Asia on March 1. Watch the trailer here: creatorslab.co/chefs-uncut.

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