Korean series Crash concludes next week
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Korean series Crash concludes next week

Korean series Crash concludes next week
Lee Min-ki, right, as Cha Yeon-ho in Crash. (Photos: Disney+ Hotstar Thailand)

Crash, a South Korean crime drama about five officers working for the Traffic Crime Investigation (TCI) department, has seen a gradual increase in viewers each week due to its captivating storyline.

As the name suggests, TCI officers work cases involving road incidents such as hit and run and drunk driving. The main character Cha Yeon-ho (Lee Min-ki) is the head of TCI, but when he was a student, Cha was involved in a car accident that led to someone's death. Cha admitted guilt but he might not have been the actual perpetrator. Even though viewers can guess the real perpetrator, it is exciting to see how the TCI team catch the bad guy.

Besides Cha's car accident storyline, each episode presents different cases the team has to solve. It is interesting to see how an offence like car theft can expose far more serious crimes such as serial murder. As a TCI detective, Cha stands out since he has excellent analytical skills and good attention to details. However, his downside is an expressionless face which may annoy some viewers.

Due to its diverse plots Crash is guaranteed to entertain, although it lacks romantic scenes. Find out how the TCI officers will bring down the villain in the final episode on June 18 on Disney+ Hotstar Thailand.

Disney+ Hotstar Thailand

Crash. photos courtesy of Disney+ Hotstar Thailand

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