A healing garden for the mind

Start the new year with some calming delights at Erb

Erb Bliss Room at Gaysorn Village.

Got issues but don't have the time or budget for a retreat to some lush, holistic resort outside of Bangkok? Never fear, because the Erb Bliss Room is here. The recently opened secret spiritual healing sanctuary is just what any busy and stressed Bangkokian needs: gold therapy facials, an ear that will listen and perfumes that miraculously calm you down. Its address at Gaysorn Village also makes it easy to access, all the while obviously being an air-conditioned Eden that's really chill to hang out at. Bad day or not, their latest treatments and services not only focus on having you feeling fab, but aim to clear the mind for a full reset. Here's what we think of some of the quick pick-me-ups sure to give you a soul or body fix, whatever your time-frame or budget.

25 minutes: Crystal Therapy (1,200 baht)

Catch a quick snooze with this treatment. The therapist will place crystals on your face, different body parts, in your hands and in between the toes, as it is believed that these crystals can balance your Chakras. Whether it magically restores your inner calm or not, there's no denying the relaxing shut-eye enhanced by the feeling of these cool minerals against your skin. After you've awakened, you'll find that the crystals are heated differently throughout your body -- this being reflective of your health state. Crystals will heat differently for everyone, meaning hot crystals from your stomach indicate some care and attention towards the abdomen is needed.

30 minutes: Reiki Perfume (1,890 baht)

The brand's Bespoke Fleurfume Bar -- where you can create your own personalised scent -- is one of the catchiest offerings of the brand. However, they're taking it a step further at the Bliss Room, where a Reiki therapist will coax the perfect fragrance out of the deepest part of your consciousness that you ever wanted explored. When the art of perfumery and spiritual healing come together, what you get is a scent that works wonders for your inner nerves as well. The process starts with the therapist asking a few questions about yourself, and after a trying day, there really is nothing more calming than to be talking to someone who isn't a shrink but might be able to read you nevertheless, behind plush, green velvet curtains. She'll try to read the energy you give off and pinpoint a few combinations you may possibly like.

Whether you want to sleep better or attract love, they have it. I settled on a scent to help me not lose my temper so easily. She proposed either a scent of roses and lilies, which would be more refreshing, or something deeper, like oud and lilies. My eyes went wide because I hate the smell of roses, but when we created samples at the bar, I was taken aback at how tranquillising the smell of roses and lilies were. I don't know if I am a believer of Reiki yet, but I felt that the therapist had been perceptive of my unconscious needs, to some extent. This relaxing fragrance is just the thing I turn to now when I don't want to lose my top.

90 minutes: Seven Pollen Golden Therapy (4,900 baht)

This green garden of a store may already cheer you up, but go deeper behind the retail scene to enter its dark, lulling treatment rooms. Like stepping into a box of stillness, the space is an instant getaway from the bustle of Bangkok. Signature treatments also include Crystal Therapy; choose this golden option for the full-blown replenishing, repairing and refreshing experience. You'll get to plug in a few zzzs with the initial Crystal routine before the pampering begins. The facial will use products from the Seven Pollen line and end in an illuminating golden face mask. You'll leave Bliss Room with skin that is noticeably radiant and feels fluffy, after all of the goodness it has absorbed.

Visit Erb Bliss Room at Gaysorn Village. Open daily from 10am-8pm. Reservations required. Call 02-253-8559.

Other treats at Erb

Passion de Pear (2,900 baht): It may be No.22, but this is the very first house-blended fragrance created by Erb for those who want something ready-made and do not want to go through the whole make-your-own-perfume rigamorale. As a house that pays great attention to the art of evoking prosperity, the number two was chosen for representing charm — so doubling that could only mean more power to the wearer with both charm and charisma. This scent is something of a fruity classic that can suit any time of the day or occasion. If you're a fan of Jo Malone's English Pear and Freesia, but don't like how literally the whole world uses it, this one offers a longer-lasting, headier whiff — and also comes in a singular diamond-shaped bottle.

Perfume vial options.

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