Reality check at SAC

A collection of distinctive works by Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew is being presented at the "Reality As It Isn't" exhibition at Subhashok the Arts Centre until Sept 15.

Inspired by Buddhist teachings and the rapid rise of technology, the celebrated artist has created 16 pieces of art, reflecting the mental turmoil in Thai society resulting from the growth in materialism.

His works feature various layers of fine, interwoven fabric suspended in a 3D configuration. Each piece is painted and printed, shaped and layered in such a way as to highlight the sense of mental chaos it illustrates.

The works explore vulnerability and how our desires can be agents of disconnection. Through his art, Uttaporn indicates how this can lead to confusion, distress and/or detachment.

As in his previous exhibitions, the figures in his works are based on members of his own family; in this case, those who share his struggles the uncertainties of life.

The airy nature of this collection leaves space for contemplation, helping to establish a common ground between the viewer and the artist. In this way, the works are connected to the teachings of the Lord Buddha. When the rapid changes of today's society are properly understood, there can be balance in the future mind.

Subhashok The Arts Centre is on Sukhumvit 39 and is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 5.30pm and Sunday from noon to 6pm.

A piece by Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew. photo courtesy of Subhashok The Arts Centre

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