Glow with a facial massage

A facial massage is integral to Suqqu's skincare ritual even in the cleansing step.

The Japanese brand has designed a five-step routine to optimise the performance of Vialume The Cleansing Cream in removing make-up and promoting a glowing complexion.

Using the new cleansing cream and fingertips, the massage begins with circular motion on the forehead and pressing gently at the temples. Secondly focus on the area around the eyes by stroking it four times.

Then move to under the chin, where the circular motion pulls up followed by lightly pushing under the ears. Likewise, use the same technique from the corners of the mouth to the ears, and from the side of the nose to the temples.

The fourth step further tends to areas around the nose and the mouth.

Vialume The Cleansing Cream.

The four steps are repeated before the final step, which uses the entire hands to gently massage the forehead, cheeks, and from the edge of the forehead to below the ears.

Suqqu formulated Vialume The Cleansing Cream with four types of naturally derived plant oils, resulting in a rich, solid and hard oil that forms a thin veil on the skin surface, leaving it refreshed and moisturised.

A layer of water-based ingredients wraps around the solid oil to create a rich texture, yet is easy to spread when massaging the cream on the skin.

Other ingredients include white clay to help remove impurities and a fine plant-derived scrub that exfoliates dead skin cells for a smoother texture.

The skincare ritual is enhanced by aromatherapy from the calming floral-woody fragrance of the facial cleanser from Suqqu's premium line.

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