Swarovski pop-up opens in Central Embassy
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Swarovski pop-up opens in Central Embassy

Swarovski sets love alight for St Valentine’s Day

Swarovski pop-up opens in Central Embassy

St Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you need to be prepared to score with the one. What better way to do that than with a few sparkles?

Swarovski urges you to express yourself through its creations and the celebration of modern love – a love for life, love for yourself and for each other. Whether it’s through self-expression, a celebration of friendship, or a revelation of deep emotion, “Swarovski’s Valentine’s Day” campaign delivers a bold representation of love, with crystallised jewellery that celebrates whatever love means to you, with colour, light and joy.

Tying St Valentine’s Day together with a ribbon-inspired theme is the glittering Volta family. Familiar shapes of love are brought to life, including delicate bows and radiant hearts, all exuding undeniable attraction. These unique pieces are:

• Volta heart pendants, bracelets and earrings deliver a twirling pavé of clear crystals.

• Volta bow necklaces, chokers, bangles and earrings wrap love in elegance and grace, each featuring bright crystals set in place using the Chattonage technique.

• A Volta love necklace delivers emotion in full effect, with a floating ribbon that unfolds before your eyes.

From the Matrix family, heart-shaped rings and earrings complete the adorable range, providing multiple layers of St Valentine’s style.

To vividly colour the St Valentine’s Day campaign, Swarovski has imagined an evocative pink design which runs through every touchpoint. Most prominent are the metallic busts that are positioned in retail locations. Although classical in form, they celebrate real people in real world situations and demonstrate the captivating look of the season’s jewellery.

This same sense of magic has been translated in the campaign’s imagery, which is ignited in pink with head-turning portraits set in contrast against the bright metallic jewellery pieces. The St Valentine’s Day collection is available in stores or online at swarovski.com.

Not in the mood for love? Swarovski’s new creative vision comes to life in a pop-up store, with giant colour-block octagons in shades of electrifying pink and green at Central Embassy. The sensorial retail space encompasses the Swarovski spirit with the iconic swan logo, octagonal product displays, metallic sculptures and luxurious textures. As one of the select stores to showcase Swarovski Creators Lab products, Swarovski’s Central Embassy pop-up store will unveil limited-release items and collectibles from the platform, including special shoe collaborations with two of the world’s leading fashion brands: Aquazzura and Golden Goose.

To celebrate Lunar New Year, Swarovski is offering a special Ang Pao envelope set and other treats for visitors to the pop-up store. Explore the wonders of crystal and self-expression at Swarovski’s pop-up store at Central Embassy, L2 Floor, until May 1. Visit swarovski.com.

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