Cute Press executes ‘rebranding of the decade’
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Cute Press executes ‘rebranding of the decade’

Inspiring beauty loving people to live the tropical life in style


Being a Thai beauty brand, Cute Press knows well what the skin has to weather in Thailand’s tropical climate.

Now, taking advantage of the country’s reopening after the worst of Covid-19 is over and tourism is booming again, Cute Press, the well-loved local beauty brand in Thailand that's been around quite a while, is rolling out its ‘rebranding of the decade’.

With a “Tropical Life is Beautiful” concept, Cute Press proclaims its new brand positioning as the best cosmetics for people living in tropical cities.

Also featured in the rebranding is a video release telling how Cute Press inspires and supports tropical city dwellers to live life to the fullest, regardless of the heat and humidity, taking advantage of its ranges of products that boost comfort and confidence, from head to toe.

The new branding VDO expresses a fresh, unconventional concept never before seen in the beauty market. The VDO frames the natural beauty of people against Thailand, the definitive desirable tropical destination with unique identities!

Launching beauty products in Thailand with a true understanding of the special needs of living the tropical lifestyle, Cute Press closely researches and develops products for the entire region that meet all the needs in ways no other beauty brands do.

Over almost 50 years, Cute Press has become well-known for helping people feel beautiful and confident despite the hot and humid tropical climate. As a beauty brand from Thailand, Cute Press understands life in the tropics and the real challenges that exist in Southeast Asia. Its long experience and extensive R&D enables it to create truly tropics-proof products that meet all its customers’ head-to-toe beauty needs. Proven to be effective for overcoming the harsh climate and environment of the tropics, the products are specially designed for a wide range of Asian skin tones and types. The ranges include make-up, skincare, sun care, body care, fragrance and hair products. All ensuring customers can find solutions that fit their needs and meet the demands of a tropical lifestyle perfectly.

The rebranding also advances Cute Press’s expansion plans and push into markets throughout Southeast Asia.

Cute Press believes that every individual is essentially beautiful in their own unique way. All it takes is the right solution for everyone to define their own beauty and unlock their true inner confidence. With this inspiration, the company never stops abiding by its promise to find beauty products that support customers to dare to live the tropical life in style and to the fullest.

So come on and choose this quality Thai beauty brand for yourself. You can follow up its wide range of products and activities at Facebook page Cute press (Facebook Link) and watch the full version of the new VDO at (VDO Link).

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