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Smells like home

Dr. Vranjes Firenze has been making rooms fragrant and ambient for 40 years


Nobody leads a fragrant lifestyle like Paolo Vranjes, whose joie de vivre is kindled by uplifting perfumes.

Master perfumer Paolo Vranjes.

His grandfather introduced him to the world of scents, and he has ingeniously created his own universe of Dr. Vranjes Firenze's home and personal fragrances.

"My grandfather was a textile importer and essence collector. I was captivated by the precious transparent bottles containing exciting aromas. I really wanted to know all their secrets," recalled Vranjes.

Dedicated to his grandpa, the spicy Spezie Rare captures memories of time spent sniffing contents of ampoules and the first time he smelled the green and herbaceous scent of the tomato stalk.

"Perfume enriches our lives. It can evoke people, places and moments, giving access to multi-sensory experiences that bring incomparable well-being and gratification. With scent, each of us can indulge by pampering ourselves every day and expressing our best selves," said the Italian perfumer, who was recently in Bangkok for the local launch of Rosa Tabacco.

This year, he celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Florence-based company.

In 1983, Vranjes and his wife Anna Maria founded Antica Officina del Farmacista in Via San Gallo. Before perfumery, he worked alongside cosmetologists to create beauty treatments for luxury wellness centres.

Master perfumer Paolo Vranjes.

"I cultivated my passion for perfumes, and later, thanks to the intuition of my wife, started my career as a master perfumer. She has always believed in me, and she is my biggest fan," said the native of Bologna.

A background in chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences and cosmetology makes him a well-groomed maestro, and the academic credential is referenced in the brand name Dr. Vranjes Firenze.

"The science allows me to create fragrances that are long-lasting, persistent, original and appreciated worldwide by different markets and cultures. But what makes us unique is a mix of art, creativity and science," he said.

The art of perfumery along with the elegance of Florence and its tradition of craftsmanship are celebrated by Dr. Vranjes Firenze. The bottle, for instance, recalls the octagonal base of the Duomo's dome designed by Filippo Brunelleschi.

The home fragrances are designed for immersive olfactory experiences, to start off the day, to calm or recharge the mind and body, to enhance energy and concentration, or to set the mood for a good night's sleep.

New Rosa Tabacco collection for an amorous olfactory experience.

Diffusers come in five sizes to cater to the space of each room. The scents, such as Ambra, Ginger Lime and Rosso Nobile, are also available as candles and carparfum.

Launched in 1999, Rosso Nobile was one of the biggest challenges for Vranjes, who blended notes of orange, orange blossom, violet, strawberry, wild berries, birch and oak wood to reproduce nuances of a full-bodied and aged Tuscan red wine.

"Starting from an image or a memory of a smell or a person, I create in my head the olfactory result that I wish to obtain. I select amongst the more than 2,200 essences the notes needed to achieve my kind of music," he said.

"I mix them and wait for them to mature for a month before going back to smelling the blend and working on it again and again. For a perfectionist like me, this part can last a couple of years, or even three as was the case for Rosso Nobile."

An unexpected encounter of seemingly contrasting elements, the queen of flowers with an intensely floral and romantic personality meets the musky and sensual tobacco with an animalic essence in Rosa Tabacco.

Rosa Tabacco features notes of vanilla, Damask rose and tobacco.

The new scent evokes a passionate romance born from the overwhelming determination of two lovers, who come from different places and cultures. The olfactory pyramid is poetically structured to recall main phases of their troubled and emotional relationship.

Following top notes of violet and orange, the heart is a harmony of Damask rose, tobacco and amber.

With its citrus and powdery nuances, the rose calls up lasting memory of the first encounter. The tobacco and amber then respectively warms and envelops, as only true love can do.

Despite adversity, the lovers unite as a single soul, expressed in the base with vanilla, musk and sandalwood.

Rosa Tabacco diffuser and candle deliver the amorous olfactory experience to living space. Scented personal care products such as body lotion and hair mist complement the eau de parfum for a lingering trail.

"Both are intimate, each in its own way. You choose a scent to dress private spaces that are shared only with those you love," Vranjes said.

"In the case of a personal fragrance, the olfactory choice concerns the pleasure that a perfume can give to the wearer, and in turn to those around them. By being good to ourselves, we can be good to others. Well-being is a virtuous circle."

Milano, Rosa Tabacco and Rosso Nobile eaux de parfum.

Dr. Vranjes Firenze diffusers to enhance the ambience.

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