'Galactic Konquest' project takes flight
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'Galactic Konquest' project takes flight

'Galactic Konquest' project takes flight
Kantapon Metheekul and Naphat Worawongwasu.

Boarding a spaceship to explore the outer worlds, renowned artist Kantapon Metheekul has collaborated with Pixel Paint to create the "Galactic Konquest" project, which transports art lovers to a new star through a collection of digital and physical artworks.

Supported by The Standard Bangkok and Dewar's Blended Scotch Whisky, the initiative depicts a sci-fi doomsday story and allows spectators to interact with Gongkan's numerous characters.

It takes on the new task of creating a boundless world of imagination and modern art in the NFT market.

"Pixel Paint worked on this project for two years. We combined Gongkan's original Teleport works and developed a sci-fi plot about a secret organisation known as Galactic Konquest, which has a human board of directors and collaborates with allies from other worlds. To discover new planets, create novel technology and safeguard the Galactic Konquest universe, this agency is divided into three departments: exploration, innovation and conquest. We'd like to invite you to picture a parallel universe in which global warming is destroying the ecosystem and endangering living things. Migration to other planets is the sole means of survival," said Naphat Worawongwasu, managing director of Pixel Paint.

The Galactic Konquest exhibition presents 222 works from Gongkan's initial NFT collections on canvas and on an interactive screen, uniting digital and physical art under one roof to create a new visual experience.

"We want to use visual art to promote our first project so that all of our visitors can understand how Galactic Konquest is different from a typical art exhibition. Our guests come from a variety of backgrounds, including collectors, investors, fashionistas and artists.

"We hope that each participant will be able to appreciate art differently and realise that NFT is no longer just about digital art. Given that Gongkan has been included in the company's road plan, this is merely the beginning of our journey," he added.

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