Cards against Bangkokians
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Cards against Bangkokians

What if the infamous party game had a Thai edition?


If you’re familiar with this beautiful black box, it’s probably because you, like us, have an extremely dry and bitter sense of humour. Or you’re just a plain horrible person who has been to Game Over bar way too many times. Either way, you can’t deny the Cards Against Humanity’s popularity, with its added extension packs and a couple of international editions adding to the mayhem.

Sadly, we think it might take a while for a country like Thailand to approve something as despicable as its own version of the game. So instead of sitting idly, twiddling our thumbs like model citizens as we wait for the days of censorship to end, we decided to create one ourselves.

Without further ado, Dear Readers, here’s how a game of Cards Against Bangkokians might play out.

*Disclaimer: This is a fictitious game best suited for those with dark senses of humour and a deep appreciation for sarcasm. No harm or offence intended. Please don’t sue us.

Never played?
The rules are simple: Pick one white card you think is the funniest to fill in the blank(s) of the black card at play.

Don’t like our cards?
You have the honour of filling in the blanks yourself.

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