Apple x NewJeans reveal music video shot on iPhone 14 Pro
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Apple x NewJeans reveal music video shot on iPhone 14 Pro

‘ETA’ is part of the ‘Shot On iPhone’ campaign showing the stabilising effects of Action mode


Apple today released the “Shot On iPhone" campaign, which originated in Korea, with the release of the music video for “ETA”, a new track by NewJeans, the highest trending K-pop girl group.

The collaboration with NewJeans builds upon Apple’s campaign following last year's short film “Life Is But A Dream” directed by renowned Korean film director Chan-wook Park. Using the outstanding camera features of iPhone 14 Pro, the video captures the storyline, dance performance and fashion style of NewJeans.

The video kicks off with the strong, catchy beats of “ETA” and begins with NewJeans performing at a house party when they witness their friend’s boyfriend approaching another girl. Throughout the performance, NewJeans members use the iPhone to take videos of the boyfriend cheating and share them with their friend. Furious, the friend drives to the party in a hurry. 

Korean music video director, Woo-Seok Shin said that for they had to get every shot using the iPhone 14 Pro. “That’s why we started the creative process by exploring unique approaches that are only achievable with the iPhone. That was an interesting experience. ’ETA’ tells a captivating story through relatable lyrics that almost feels like having a conversation with a friend. We communicated this friendly vibe by inserting scenes with FaceTime on iPhone and action mode was particularly helpful for capturing stable videos of big movements in the choreography.”

The dance sequences in the music video were shot using Action mode on the iPhone 14 Pro, which takes smooth videos even when the camera is shaking, which allowed the phone to capture NewJeans’ choreography in a dynamic way.

In addition to Action mode, Cinematic mode was also used to provide depth to the cinematography. The improved iPhone camera takes stable and clear videos even in low light, which helped capture the nighttime scenes.

Accompanying the video are 30-second and 15-second ads with behind-the-scenes footage. Encapsulating the vibrant energy on set, they show the director filming with iPhone 14 Pro in hand while running to keep up with NewJeans’ choreography. Using scenes from the music video that were shot with Action mode, they cut between the iPhone camera shaking and the smooth output footage to clearly show the stabilising effects of Action mode. 

“The fact that we shot this music video with the iPhone makes it unique compared to our previous works. We hope the message we wanted to communicate through this shot on iPhone film finds its way to and resonates among our audiences,” said Shin.

Additional behind-the-scenes clips of NewJeans members filming each other’s dance moves with iPhone will be shared via Apple’s official Instagram account and NewJeans’ social media.

Watch the music video for ‘ETA’ here: and the filming of the video here

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