Utilities burned, bombed, banners in far South

Utilities burned, bombed, banners in far South

Security officers inspect a bombed electricity pole in Tak Bai district, Narathiwat, on Friday. (Photo by Waedao Harai)
Security officers inspect a bombed electricity pole in Tak Bai district, Narathiwat, on Friday. (Photo by Waedao Harai)

Power poles were bombed, tyres and communication towers burned and anti-government banners put up in many places in the three southernmost border provinces early on Friday.

In Narathiwat's Tak Bai district, two electricity poles were bombed and banners accusing "Siam" of colonising Pattani were hung up along Tak Bai-Narathiwat Road.

Two more pipe bombs with digital wristwatch-timers were found at the same poles, but were defused before they detonated.

Anti-government banners written in Thai were found in Bacho, Rueso, Sungai Padi and Sungai Kolok districts. Roadside pavilions were torched in Bacho and Sungai Padi and tyres were burned in Sungai Kolok.

In Yala, two communications masts were set ablaze in Muang district and tyres were burned at two places on Highway 410 in Krong Pinang district.

Similar incidents were reported in Bannang Sata district and Than To district, where banners were also raised.

In Pattani, banners and burning garbage bins, tyres and communication towers were found in Yarang, Mayo and Nong Chik districts.

In Songkhla, anti-government banners were raised in Saba Yoi and Thepha districts.

Security teams cleared the locations and removed the banners without any further trouble.

Local security sources speculated the incidents were a response to the recent death penalty and life imprisonment sentences handed down to defendants in a Pattani bombing case.

This communication mast was burned in Muang district, Yala, early on Friday. (Photo by Muhammad Ayub Pathan)

One of the anti-government banners found at several locations in Songkhla province on Friday. (Photo by Assawin Pakkawan)

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