Chiang Mai city wall collapses after heavy rain

Rain has brought down part of the wall in Chaing Mai, with more expected across the country as a powerful typhoon approaches Vietnam.

Ruinous rain

Industry chiefs applaud staged return to business as usual

Business operators have welcomed the government's further relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions, particularly the downgrading of the virus' status, saying they will attract more tourists and help boost the economy.

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Business as usual

The centre will not hold

City Hall under the stewardship of governor Chadchart Sittipunt is looking to build a satellite town to "de-urbanise" Bangkok.

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The centre will not hold
24 Sep 2022

Pheu Thai and Democrats: New EC rules vague

Politicians are scratching their heads about what they can and can’t do in the run-up to the next election and want the Election Commission to clarify the rules.

24 Sep 2022 17
Campaign confusion
24 Sep 2022

China's digital nomads make their move

China is seeing more digital nomads as new spaces pop up in tourist towns where they can cultivate a sense of community away from big-city stress.

24 Sep 2022 9
Connected and content
24 Sep 2022

Erawan shrine donations hit B1.8bn

Cash donations at the Erawan shrine at Ratchaprasong intersection have reached 1.8 billion baht this year, with about 100 million baht being given to over 50 hospitals in need.

24 Sep 2022 45
Where the money goes
24 Sep 2022

Baht freefall could hit 38

Economists forecast the value of the baht could plunge to 38 to the US dollar this year, mainly attributed to a stronger dollar as the Federal Reserve pursues a hawkish monetary policy.

24 Sep 2022 58
Baht freefall
24 Sep 2022

Parties told to toe the line as election run-up begins

With the official pre-election period officially beginning on Saturday, parties and prospective candidates are being advised to carefully study the new electioneering regulations.

24 Sep 2022 3
Poll run-up begins
23 Sep 2022

Beauty queen 'not sent back'

Former Myanmar beauty queen, Thaw Nandar Aung, aka Han Lay, was on Friday relieved to learn that she will not be sent back to Myanmar.

23 Sep 2022 40
Beauty queen 'not sent back'
23 Sep 2022

End of state of emergency and Covid-19 centre

The state of emergency imposed to cope with the coronavirus pandemic will be lifted and the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration dissolved, both on Oct 1, a spokesman confirms.

23 Sep 2022 60
Winding down
23 Sep 2022

Asian bourses slip after Fed hike

Many Asian stock exchanges deepened their losses on Thursday as currencies tanked after the US Federal Reserve delivered a third consecutive 75-basis-point interest rate cut overnight.

23 Sep 2022 11
Asian bourses slip after Fed hike
23 Sep 2022

Party touts kingmaker role

Bhumjaithai aims to become the core party in the government formation after the next election, its leader Anutin says.

23 Sep 2022 21
Kingmaker role
23 Sep 2022

Virus curbs to ease again

Visitors will no longer be required to show their vaccination certificates or Covid-19 test results when they enter the country, and infected individuals with mild symptoms won't need to self-isolate when Thailand further relaxes its disease control measures next month.

23 Sep 2022 54
Restrictions being lifted
23 Sep 2022

Suriya to attend Chatree gold mine talks

The government is confident international negotiations to resolve a dispute over the Chatree gold mine will be fruitful.

23 Sep 2022 14
Suriya to attend Chatree gold mine talks
23 Sep 2022

No harmful gas leaks found after Nakhon Pathom plant fire

No harmful gases were found in the air within a 20km radius of a factory in Nakhon Pathom that had a chemical leak.

23 Sep 2022 5
No harmful gas leaks
23 Sep 2022

TAT introduces campaign to entice Japanese visitors

As currency depreciation in Japan looms large, Thai tourism operators want to capitalise on pent-up demand in the final quarter by partnering with tour agencies to fill up 45% of the available airplane seats.

23 Sep 2022 15
TAT introduces campaign to entice Japanese visitors
22 Sep 2022

Thailand bars anti-junta Myanmar model

Myanmar beauty pageant contestant who took refuge in Thailand after speaking out against the coup in her homeland has been denied re-entry after a trip abroad.

22 Sep 2022 54
Entry denied
22 Sep 2022

'Madam Dear' makes defection to Democrats official

The arrival of Watanya Bunnag, better known as Madam Dear, from Palang Pracharath gives the Democrats more hope of a return to glory in Bangkok.

22 Sep 2022 16
Democrat booster
22 Sep 2022

Nakhon Pathom chemical leak prompts warning

Authorities warn residents to avoid going outdoors after brief chemical leak at an Indorama Ventures plant in Nakhon Pathom.

22 Sep 2022 4
Leak warning
22 Sep 2022

Prawit walks back baht comments

Acting PM Prawit, who earlier said he'd like to see the baht at 35 to the dollar, said on Thursday he's not trying to tell the Bank of Thailand how to do its job.

22 Sep 2022 20
'Only talk'