Prayut cautious on political future

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha returns to work after the court's ruling confirming his tenure in office, but avoids questions about his political future.

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Not now

Flooding expanding in central Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai's Muang district under water as rain pounds the North and the Ping River continues to rise - with levels approaching the severe floods of 2011.

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Flooding in the North

ERC preps rules for clean energy providers

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) is preparing to select companies qualified to sell "clean electricity" to the government.

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Rules for clean energy providers

Tourist spots 'need to be better connected'

More investment to improve connectivity in large cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai would help boost tourism development, a seminar was told.

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Tourist spots 'need to be better connected'

Caught in a vicious currency cycle

Big business wants intervention to slow the baht's decline, but much of the activity is driven by the US dollar and there are negative consequences to repeated interest rate hikes.

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Vicious cycle

Eco-farming 'to undo harm'

The rising demand for mass-produced food has led to biodiversity loss.

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Eco-farming 'to undo harm'

Dems face uphill battle

Even though the Election Commission's calendar says the general election will be held in May next year following the end of the House's term in late March, parties are already in campaign mode to win voters.

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Dems face uphill battle

The tough road to democratisation

Taiwan's transition to democracy provides key lessons to others still pursuing change.

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The tough road to democratisation
2 Oct 2022

Floods ravage provinces in Noru's path, rain continues until Monday

Chaiyaphum, Ubon Ratchathani and Phetchabun are among provinces still under water; depression Noru has left the country but more rain is expected for several more days.

2 Oct 2022 5
Not over yet
2 Oct 2022

Thai spikers to start last 2nd round against Canada

Thai women's quest for success at the volleyball world championship will continue on Tuesday after their strong outing in the first round was rewarded with a higher world ranking.

2 Oct 2022 1
A big hit
2 Oct 2022

At least 174 dead after riot at Indonesia football match

At least 174 people died at a football stadium in Indonesia when fans invaded the pitch late on Saturday and police responded with tear gas, triggering a stampede.

2 Oct 2022 26
Riot at football match
2 Oct 2022

Keeping the vibe local

Local governing bodies say government efforts to promote decentralisation have made little headway as certain inflexible and outdated rules as well as funding shortfalls are blamed for hindering progress.

2 Oct 2022 11
Keeping the vibe local
1 Oct 2022

Thai women topple Dominican wall

Thailand shocks powerful Dominican Republic to close out first round of world women's volleyball championship with four wins and just one loss.

1 Oct 2022 4
Giant killers
1 Oct 2022

BoT says it has intervened to steady baht

The Bank of Thailand says it has been active in the foreign-exchange market to steady the baht, which is hovering at 16-year lows against the dollar.

1 Oct 2022 39
Backing the baht
1 Oct 2022

Banks bump up interest

Banks began to raise interest rates in response to the Bank of Thailand's policy rate hike to 1% on Wednesday.

1 Oct 2022 14
Banks bump up interest
1 Oct 2022

Ministry hails 'return to normal' as variants 'now manageable'

The Public Health Ministry has eased the Covid-19 alert level as the situation is stabilising and current variants are considered manageable, according to a director at Bangkok Siriroj Hospital.

1 Oct 2022 42
'Return to normal'
1 Oct 2022

Prayut's staying put

Prime Minister Prayut has vowed to press ahead with development projects after a Constitutional Court ruling on Friday on the eight-year limit of his premiership allowed him to stay in power.

1 Oct 2022 90
Staying put
30 Sep 2022

Putin grabs 20% of Ukraine 'forever'

Vladimir Putin formally annexes four occupied regions in Ukraine “forever” and repeats warnings that Russia will use all available means to defend the territories.

30 Sep 2022 94
Russian 'forever'
30 Sep 2022

Prayut remains PM, court rules tenure ends in 2025

The Constitutional Court rules that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha's 8-year tenure began on April 6, 2017, when the current charter took effect - allowing him two-and-a-half more years.

30 Sep 2022 193
Prayut back in
30 Sep 2022

Bang Sue vaccine services to end Friday

The Central Vaccination Centre at Bang Sue Grand Station will close this month, but people are encouraged to ensure that they're protected against Covid-19.

30 Sep 2022 1
Vaccine services end