10GB data handout launches Friday

About 30 million mobile subscribers will be able to apply for 10 free gigabytes of data from 8am on Friday as part of public assistance measures during the virus crisis.

10GB data handout launches

Protecting society's most vulnerable

Covid-19 crisis sees NGOs reaching out to help the unfortunate who slip through the net.

The most vulnerable

Finance Ministry mulls handouts for farmers

The Ministry of Finance on Thursday met to hash out details of a planned cash handout for almost nine million farmers to inject liquidity into the economy.

Handouts for farmers

Cops hunt more mask-hoarding suspects

Police are looking for more suspects involved in a network affiliated with hoarding and over-charging of face masks following a crackdown on Wednesday.

Hunting mask suspects

Booze ban set to last 10 days

City Hall has banned the sale of alcohol in the capital for 10 days starting on Friday in the latest bid to prevent social gatherings that could spread Covid-19.

Booze ban

Horse owners mull action over deaths

A horse farm owner may sue the government for approving wildlife imports, believed to be the source of an outbreak that has killed many prized racehorses.

Racehorses' death
9 Apr 2020

14,000 Thais still stranded abroad

The government gives priority to controlling the spread of the coronavirus at home, telling 14,000 Thais stranded abroad they will just have to wait.

9 Apr 2020 25
'Wait your turn'
9 Apr 2020

54 new coronavirus cases, 2 more deaths

Sailors donate blood, as another 54 coronavirus cases are confirmed, raising the total to 2,423, and two more deaths lift the number of Covid-19-related fatalities to 32.

9 Apr 2020 86
New infections, deaths
9 Apr 2020

JSCCIB: Jobless totals headed to 7m by June

The Joint Standing Committee on Commerce, Industry and Banking predicts that 7 million workers will be out of a job by June because of shutdowns from the pandemic.

9 Apr 2020 7
Jobless totals at 7m
9 Apr 2020

Six citizens in hospital after flying home

Six Thais who recently returned from Japan on a repatriation flight were sent to hospital after failing a health screening test at Suvarnabhumi airport on Wednesday.

9 Apr 2020 31
Ill returnees
9 Apr 2020

Covid-19 prompts rush to pawn shops

Cash-strapped Thais are being forced to sell off their valuables to get by.

9 Apr 2020 51
Rush to pawn shops
9 Apr 2020

CCSA defends tests

Thailand has defended its coronavirus testing procedure, saying it is effective even if the country adopts selective screening rather than focuses on the quantity of tests.

9 Apr 2020 95
CCSA defends tests
8 Apr 2020

Spain, Germany cases rise; UK PM remains in ICU: Virus update

EU ministers fail to agree on recovery plan as German cases rise, UK PM Johnson stable in ICU; China lifts Wuhan lockdown as Trump slams WHO.

8 Apr 2020 15
Virus world update
8 Apr 2020

Tuk-tuks turn from tourist darling to parcel delivery

A group of tuk-tuk drivers hope to survive the tourism slump by offering an economical new delivery service in Bangkok, with multiple drop-offs for the price of one trip.

8 Apr 2020 36
No tourists, no cry
8 Apr 2020

Pattaya lockdown from Thursday

Pattaya will be closed to outsiders from Thursday afternoon following a rise in new coronavirus infections in the resort city.

8 Apr 2020 37
8 Apr 2020

Thailand logs 111 new Covid cases, 3 deaths Wednesday

Government reports 111 new coronavirus cases, including 42 returnees from Indonesia, for total of 2,369; 3 more deaths, all of foreigners, takes accumulated toll to 30.

8 Apr 2020 201
111 new cases
8 Apr 2020

Songkran 'Save Parents' campaign aims to douse Covid-19

The Department of Health has asked children to avoid visiting their parents and elderly family members during the Songkran Festival to protect them from Covid-19.

8 Apr 2020 16
'Save Parents' campaign
8 Apr 2020

Loss of taste, smell 'early symptom of infection'

The Royal College of Otolaryngologists-Head and Neck Surgeons has urged doctors to pay special attention to signs of smell blindness, which affects many Covid-19 patients.

8 Apr 2020 45
Early symptom
8 Apr 2020

623 busted over decree violations

More than 600 people nationwide have been prosecuted for defying the emergency decree invoked to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

8 Apr 2020 24
Decree violations
8 Apr 2020

Govt talks up B1.9tn aid

The government is upbeat on the prospects of its fresh 1.9-trillion-baht economic stimulus package alleviating the widespread affects of the Covid-19 outbreak.

8 Apr 2020 6
B1.9tn aid