Myanmar beauty queen who criticised junta granted asylum

The former Myanmar beauty queen who slammed the country's junta and was detained at Suvarnabhumi last week is free to fly to Canada, where she has been granted refugee status.

Beautiful freedom

Almost back to normal, says Health Ministry

The Public Health Ministry sees the country as almost back to normal, with future Covid-19 outbreaks limited to small and seasonal waves similar to influenza.

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Life resuming

Pheu Thai win at Roi Et polls fuels party's landslide hopes

A decisive local election victory in Roi Et gives Pheu Thai a lift in its campaign for a big win in the coming general election, hoping to sweep Palang Pracharath out of power.

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Message from Roi Et

Bridging the gap

Cross-border trade between Thailand and neighbouring countries is thriving, thanks in part to expanded infrastructure connectivity.

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Bridging the gap

Keeping the scammers at bay

Authorities and regulators are stepping up efforts to prevent financial fraud, especially online scams, with measures ranging from plugging legal loopholes to the use of advanced technology.

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Scams crackdown

Tourism prospects hang in the balance

The weak baht could benefit the tourism industry as foreign purchasing power gains value, though it might not be enough to offset high airfares.

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Tourism boost?

Leaders a cure for post-crisis hangovers

I am not suggesting in the headline above that business and organisational leaders are turning to drink, but there are common effects that leaders and the organisations they lead are facing these days.

Leaders a cure for post-crisis hangovers

Govt expedites airport expansion projects

The expansion of facilities to handle an increasing number of air passengers at international and domestic airports nationwide is being sped up, says the government.

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Airport upgrades

New VAT mulled that targets luxury goods

The Finance Ministry is considering the introduction of a two-tier value-added tax (VAT) rate that could generate additional revenue of more than 100 billion baht, says a ministry source who requested anonymity.

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New VAT mulled that targets luxury goods

BMA mulls longer hours for visitors

Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt hopes to stimulate the local economy by encouraging some tourist attractions to stay open until midnight.

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Extended hours

No let up in jabs despite downgrade

The government is continuing its vaccination drive despite Covid-19's pending downgrade in status to "communicable disease under surveillance" from Sunday.

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Vaccinations continue
25 Sep 2022

Chiang Mai city wall collapses after heavy rain

Rain has brought down part of the wall in Chaing Mai, with more expected across the country as a powerful typhoon approaches Vietnam.

25 Sep 2022 8
Ruinous rain
25 Sep 2022

Industry chiefs applaud staged return to business as usual

Business operators have welcomed the government's further relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions, particularly the downgrading of the virus' status, saying they will attract more tourists and help boost the economy.

25 Sep 2022 19
Business as usual
25 Sep 2022

The centre will not hold

City Hall under the stewardship of governor Chadchart Sittipunt is looking to build a satellite town to "de-urbanise" Bangkok.

25 Sep 2022 47
The centre will not hold
24 Sep 2022

Pheu Thai and Democrats: New EC rules vague

Politicians are scratching their heads about what they can and can’t do in the run-up to the next election and want the Election Commission to clarify the rules.

24 Sep 2022 23
Campaign confusion
24 Sep 2022

China's digital nomads make their move

China is seeing more digital nomads as new spaces pop up in tourist towns where they can cultivate a sense of community away from big-city stress.

24 Sep 2022 12
Connected and content
24 Sep 2022

Erawan shrine donations hit B1.8bn

Cash donations at the Erawan shrine at Ratchaprasong intersection have reached 1.8 billion baht this year, with about 100 million baht being given to over 50 hospitals in need.

24 Sep 2022 47
Where the money goes
24 Sep 2022

Baht freefall could hit 38

Economists forecast the value of the baht could plunge to 38 to the US dollar this year, mainly attributed to a stronger dollar as the Federal Reserve pursues a hawkish monetary policy.

24 Sep 2022 64
Baht freefall
24 Sep 2022

Parties told to toe the line as election run-up begins

With the official pre-election period officially beginning on Saturday, parties and prospective candidates are being advised to carefully study the new electioneering regulations.

24 Sep 2022 3
Poll run-up begins
23 Sep 2022

Beauty queen 'not sent back'

Former Myanmar beauty queen, Thaw Nandar Aung, aka Han Lay, was on Friday relieved to learn that she will not be sent back to Myanmar.

23 Sep 2022 40
Beauty queen 'not sent back'