Latest in the world of Korean showbiz
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Latest in the world of Korean showbiz

Latest in the world of Korean showbiz

Here are the latest updates from Korean showbiz. First, Miraculous Brothers is an underrated K-series despite a fantastic script. Second, Thai heartthrob Kunpimook "BamBam" Bhuwakul will host his first world tour concert in Bangkok.


Miraculous Brothers. photo courtesy of

Miraculous Brothers

Since there are many K-series on streaming platforms in Thailand, most viewers tend to pay attention to popular ones with well-known actors. Unfortunately, the excellent K-series Miraculous Brothers on Viu Thailand has not received the attention it deserves.

In this detective superpower series, Jung Woo plays Yuk Dong-joo -- an aspiring writer who has to work several part-time jobs to make a living. On a rainy day, Dong-joo is driving home and unintentionally hits a young man named Lee Kang-san (Bae Hyun-sung) who suddenly appears out of nowhere. Dong-joo takes Kang-san to a hospital and discovers that Kang-san, who cannot remember who he is, has uncontrollable superpowers.

Later, Dong-joo finds a fascinating manuscript of a novel in Kang-san's backpack and he claims the manuscript as his own. After the novel is published, it becomes a best-selling book. However, when homicide detective Park Hyun-soo (Park Yu-rim) reads the novel, she notices that its plot is similar to a murder case that happened 27 years ago with different details about the murderers.

When things become more complicated, Dong-joo teams up with Kang-san to solve the mysterious case. Miraculous Brothers has a well-written script and natural acting, but the plot is complex. Viewers have to be focused to follow the details.

Kunpimook 'BamBam' Bhuwakul. photos courtesy of IME Thailand

BamBam is back in Bangkok

Kunpimook "BamBam" Bhuwakul, a Thai singer in the K-pop industry, announced his "2023-2024 BamBam The 1st World Tour [Area 52] In Bangkok" show on Oct 28. Organised by iMe Thailand, the concert will take place at the Thunderdome Stadium. Tickets cost 2,500, 2,900, 3,900, 4,900, 5,900, 7,900 and 9,700 baht. Tickets will be available for purchase on Sept 10 on and the Thai Ticket Major call centre at 02-262-3456.

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