Three artists explore the ordinary
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Three artists explore the ordinary

Three artists explore the ordinary
An acrylic on canvas by Kongsak Kampakdee. (Photos courtesy of Richard Koh Fine Art)

A collection of contemporary paintings that portray the mundane scenery of our everyday lives is showcased during “Ordinary Is A Mystery”, which is running at Richard Koh Fine Art, from Saturday to Jan 27.

This is a group exhibition by three young artists — Kongsak Kampakdee, Chatchapon Nantamanop and Wantaya Thitipaisal — who reflect the existence of doubt, wonder and questioning of normality within the missing souls and the void of society.

Viewers will sense an indescribable ambiguity through the strange and mysterious atmosphere embedded in portraits, landscapes, and even seemingly ordinary environments and activities depicted in the works.

An oil on canvas by Wantaya Thitipaisal.

Kongsak’s paintings explore ambience and the interaction of elements in the images, creating an unusual feeling between people, places and time.

Chatchapon’s works engage with space and the fragments of relationships that arise from different places, objects and feelings, producing a surreal-like effect that leads to emptiness and prompts more questions within the mind.

These works resonate with Wantaya’s diverse pieces, unveiling depictions with twisted connotations from inner states, resembling parallel images of reality and interpretation.

The opening reception is on Saturday at 1pm. Richard Koh Fine Art is on the 9th floor of the Peterson Building, opposite Sukhumvit 41, and opens Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm.

There is no admission fee. Visit

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