BACC hosts fundraising photo exhibition
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BACC hosts fundraising photo exhibition

Some of the works on show. photo courtesy of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Some of the works on show. photo courtesy of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is holding a fundraising photo exhibition titled "Grow Together" at its Curved Wall on the 4th and 5th floor, from today until Sunday.

A collaboration with the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand, the exhibition features 100 works selected from an open call for participants.

Photography reflects the time and era in which we live, from past to present. Historically, the process of creating photographs was complicated, and the medium was used primarily to record significant moments.

Today, rapid advancements and tools have made photography more accessible, turning it into a common cultural practice and easily achieved with just a click on a smartphone. The role of photography has dramatically shifted from a historical recording tool to a visual diary depicting everyday life. It can represent different ideas, reflect growth and change, and preserve fragments of memories for eternity.

This exhibition uses photography as a metaphor for exploring new perspectives, developing new ideas, and reflecting the growth of the BACC. The 100 artworks on display were selected under the "Grow Together" concept, encouraging growth alongside the art centre.

The week-long showcase is divided into two themes -- photographs taken at the art centre and those that draw on art as inspiration in everyday life, comprising cityscapes, nature, and moments of people. These works weave together to form impressions and stories of the BACC, an art space that grows with its audience.

Artworks and postcards will also be available for purchase to support the operations of the art centre.

Call 02-214-6630 ext 512.

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