Korean illustrator Jamsan debuts in Bangkok
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Korean illustrator Jamsan debuts in Bangkok

Artwork by Jamsan. photo courtesy of Maison JE Bangkok
Artwork by Jamsan. photo courtesy of Maison JE Bangkok

Expressive works by South Korean illustrator Jamsan are being showcased during "Jamsan's Director's Cut", at Maison JE Bangkok, Surawong Road, until July 21.

This is a Bangkok debut exhibition by the 50-year-old artist known for creating concept drawings and illustrations with his unique style. His illustrations are featured in many popular Korean series.

Viewers are invited to trace Jamsan's complex artistic journey through this show, which incorporates a diverse range of art forms including fine art, conceptual art and illustration. His works not only showcase his artistic abilities, but also reflect profound stories and meanings.

Displayed on the 1st floor are 25 paintings from his inaugural collection "Red Chair" to "Rose From The Stars". They are presented in a novel way, telling the story of a girl's adventures with a red bear and their inseparable bond.

These pieces showcase vibrant colour contrast and one-of-a-kind canvas compositions that attract the eye in ways ones never experienced in his other works before. Also presented are his first art toys created in collaboration with Maison JE Bangkok.

The 2nd floor sees digital paintings and concept art from the Korean series It's OK To Not Be OK and Encounter (Boyfriend), highlighting outstanding illustration art. Many of the works have never been exhibited elsewhere before.

Jamsan's unique art book is also exhibited and copies are available for purchase as souvenirs. The book is a record of his artistic journey, documenting his thoughts and original works hardly found elsewhere.

Jamsan has been a concept artist and illustrator for over 20 years. He aspires to be a fine artist who can fully express himself. The vibrant and meaningful graphics he creates captivate viewers and help them connect with the hidden "message" within.

The exhibition is open for viewing daily from 11am to 7pm, except Mondays.

Visit facebook.com/maisonjebangkok.

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