“Olino Crepe and Tea”
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“Olino Crepe and Tea”


“Olino Crepe and Tea” by Olino Premium Foods Co., Ltd., since 2014. Olino serves customer with a fresh idea and delicious of crepe and tea imported from Japan and Taiwan.

Olino also has franchise business which aimed to expand a premium business cover Thailand. Olino has a strong point of business such as varities of menu, only invest in any single package, frenchisee will get all 3 licenses as crepe, tea (hot and cold). This strategy is to answer customer’s demand and be able to compete in the market. Olino also has inhouse R&D to develop menu and focusing on our own crepe recipe which can be able to create customise menu to serve each festival as well. This strength gives our franchisees to keep developing and stabilizing their business with our unique products."

Opening Days* Mon - Sun
Opening hours* 10.00am - 10.00pm
Phone no.* 096 431 0242
Website https://olino888.com/?lang=en

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