BACC marks a century of Silpa Bhirasri
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BACC marks a century of Silpa Bhirasri

BACC marks a century of Silpa Bhirasri
The 'Art-Thai-Time' exhibition. Photos: jukkrit.han

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the arrival in Siam of Corrado Feroci, or Ajarn Silpa Bhirasri, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is hosting "Art-Thai-Time" at its Main Exhibition Gallery, on the 8th floor, until Aug 20.

Held in collaboration with Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art Foundation and Silpakorn University, the exhibition reflects on the cultural legacy of the Italian sculptor, who played a prominent role in the development of Thai modern art and later came to be known as the Father of Modern Art in Thailand.

Besides state-commissioned sculptural works at important monuments throughout Bangkok, his cultural vision was also far-reaching, resulting in the initiation of various cultural institutions that have kept his dreams alive.

Among these are the Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art (BIMA), Thailand's first public art gallery, and the School of Fine Arts which later became Silpakorn University.

The BIMA came into being in 1974, after years of campaigning by art patrons and artists who were determined to see the artist's vision realised after his demise in 1962. The institute was named in memory of Feroci, using his Thai name Silpa Bhirasri.

The Institute operated until 1988, during which time it hosted numerous ground-breaking exhibitions, as well as music, theatre and film programmes. It became known for its innovative and experimental approach and gave Bangkok a contemporary art meeting venue.

With its interdisciplinary approach to the arts, it became a model that was followed in the setting up of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

Viewers can revisit the Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art in this exhibition which is archival in its set-up, highlighting past exhibits which include theatre and music. It will also serve to examine the role of art institutions, patrons and artists' networks that made it possible to spearhead progress in the advancement of the arts in Thailand. It also looks at the role played by foreign cultural institutions, banks and independent galleries that made important contributions.

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is located at the Pathumwan intersection and opens Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm.


The 'Art-Thai-Time' exhibition. jukkrit.han

The 'Art-Thai-Time' exhibition. jukkrit.han

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