Explore the heritage of Madhya Pradesh
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Explore the heritage of Madhya Pradesh

Explore the heritage of Madhya Pradesh
Gwalior Fort in Madhya Pradesh. (Photo courtesy of siam society)

Siam Society is holding a study trip to Madhya Pradesh in central India from Oct 30 to Nov 6.

This is a rare chance to see heritage that possesses ageless beauty handed down by the emperors of golden India. Led by Euayporn Kerdchouay, participants will explore the arts, ancient monuments, world-class museums, magnificent architectural masterpieces and world heritage sites, along with the highlight of Madhya Pradesh.

Major attractions include forts that are at least 2,000 years old, erotic sculptures that are simply incredible, the remarkable and well-preserved Great Stupa, caves that hold the splendour of nature, places that depict the wealthy traditions of India and paintings that mark the existence of humans.

From stupas to temples to monuments, all these marks are now seen as heritage sites in Madhya Pradesh. Each of these sites is replete with a saga of romance, chivalry, valour and game of court politics.

The itinerary will include three Unesco world heritage sites -- Buddhist monuments at Sanchi, rock shelters of Bhimbetka and the Khajuraho group of monuments. Some of the oldest Buddhist relics can be spotted in Sanchi while the Great Stupa was built in the year 262 AD by Emperor Ashoka.

Other sites of interest will be Taj Ul Masjid, the largest mosque in India; the Tribal Museum where the stories of local tribal heritage are told through full-scale models, colourful art installations and performances; Gwalior Fort which is considered to be one of the most impenetrable forts in the country; as well as the Orchha Fort Complex, which houses a large number of ancient monuments consisting of the fort, palaces, temple and other edifices.

The fee is 98,000 baht (94,000 baht for members) exclusive of international airfares (Bangkok-New Delhi-Bangkok) and visa fees.

Email studytrips@thesiamsociety.org or call 02-661-6470--3 ext 205.

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