Your horoscope for Nov 24-30
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Your horoscope for Nov 24-30

Your horoscope for Nov 24-30

Your spot-on horoscope for work, money and relationship from Guru by the Bangkok Post's famously accurate fortune teller. Let's see how you will fare this week and beyond.

- (⏰) is for work, (₿) is for money, (♥) is for coupled life and (⚤) is for single life
- Horoscope by Chaiyospol Hemwijit & translated by Pornchai Sereemongkonpol
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♈ Aries

Mar 21 – Apr 19

(⏰) You communicate well with co-workers and can work solo or as a team player. You have no problems meeting deadlines whether they're for solo or group assignments. You'll hear back from your top choices if you recently sent out your CV.   

(₿) You may be surprised by how much money you make. However, your living expenses also catch up with your rising income. You may overspend on Loy Krathong but the memory stays with you. 

(♥) Couples enjoy healthy and positive communication. Any lingering issues will be resolved amicably. Unmarried couples may bring up their wedding plan before their parents. 

(⚤) Someone older may ask for your contact or slide into your DMs. S/he is flirtatious from the start. Your close friend may play Cupid with you and someone with a similar background. 

♉ Taurus

Apr 20 – May 20

(⏰) If you're stuck in a difficult situation, you may receive help from someone whom you least expect. You become more proactive and productive, and finish several tasks before their deadlines. An issue may be an opportunity if you change your perspective.

(₿) You may receive a windfall or gift before Xmas. If you're trying to sell something big, you'll hear from several potential buyers. If you have more than one debt, you'll pay off at least one.   

(♥) Couples become closer during Loy Krathong. They treat each other with the same respect whether at home or in public. They enjoy posting sweet moments on social media, too.

(⚤) If you plan to ask someone out on a Loy Krathong date, your wish may come true. If you're trying to win back your ex, love is on your side.  

♊ Gemini

May 21 – Jun 20

(⏰) A sudden change of plans or an emergency may prevent you from achieving your goals. You may have to perform tasks outside your job description. You may realise that you can adapt to changes and roll with the punches better than you think.  

(₿) You make enough money to cover all necessities. You have no luck with any games of chance. If you're a collector, someone may try to sell you a counterfeit.  

(♥) Couples reinvigorate their love with a romantic Loy Krathong date. Unmarried couples bring their nuptial plans before their parents to ask for their blessings. 

(⚤) An opportunity to get closer to someone who's physically your type is on the cards. If you're trying to turn a situationship into a relationship, Cupid is on your side. 

♋ Cancer

Jun 21 – Jul 22

(⏰) Be prepared for a heavier workload. Your main job and side hustle keep you very busy so try to get rid of other distractions as you power through next week. If you're a leader, a subordinate proves to be capable and suitable as your successor.  

(₿) A payment promised will arrive as promised. You may buy something you really like at a good price. If you're a collector, you may acquire a rare item. You pay a pretty penny for it but it's worth it. 

(♥) If you're unfaithful, you may get caught in the act. Your official love is furious and demands that you come back or be gone immediately. Well, you made your bed.

(⚤) If you decide to confess your attraction to your crush, your heart is likely to be crushed. However, you need closure before you can heal and move on. 

♌ Leo

Jul 23 – Aug 22

(⏰) You impress everyone with your creative ideas and leadership. You notice a possible conflict between colleagues and mediate to prevent any problems. You earn a lot of kudos and trust. 

(₿) A good opportunity awaits you at a party. If you're embroiled in a conflict over assets, you'll get what is rightfully yours. Justice will prevail. 

(♥) Couples are each other's sources of support and encouragement. A Loy Krathong surprise by your partner is on the cards. Now that we’ve spoilt it for you, practice acting surprised.

(⚤) You're quite popular, receiving attention from several admirers. You may be asked out on a Loy Krathong date.  

♍ Virgo

Aug 23 – Sept 22

(⏰) A broken promise causes a ripple effect, resulting in a heavier workload. However, you'll be able to weather through it and feel stronger mentally. You may lose a work-issued device while on a business trip.

(₿) You make a lot of money from your main job and side hustle. If you're expecting monetary compensation, it'll arrive as promised. Your car may need repairs. You don't have to own everything that society deems someone your age should own. 

(♥) A passionate Loy Krathong date is on the cards. Unmarried couples may decide to move in together or get married.

(⚤) If you're inexperienced when it comes to dating, you may experience love at first sight/swipe. If you're experienced, you may meet a heartstopper. 

♎ Libra

Sept 23 – Oct 22

(⏰) Quiet retaliation or passive-aggressive actions from a petty colleague make your work life harder than it has to be. Be extra careful with online communication or else you may send messages to the wrong recipient, causing unnecessary delay to your progress. 

(₿) Your income may be lower than expected. A payment promised may be paid in two halves. You keep your spending in check and are on track with your savings goal.  

(♥) A healthy argument is on the cards. Couples put more effort into fulfilling each other's fantasies during their sexy time. 

(⚤) If you've never been kissed, your first time is likely to be explosive and with someone who's physically your type. If you already have a FWB, you may gain another. 

♏ Scorpio

Oct 23 – Nov 21

(⏰) You can overcome drama and conflicts in your office unscathed. You accomplish more than you usually do next week and finish several tasks before their deadlines. Business owners may acquire a major long-term client. 

(₿) Someone tells you a legit sob story to convince you to lend them money. Investors may acquire assets that can generate stable returns in the long run. 

(♥) Couples learn to agree to disagree instead of trying to win an argument. A romantic Loy Krathong date is on the cards. If your wedding is coming up, it'll transpire smoothly.  

(⚤) If you're trying to rekindle an old flame, your ex may take you back. If you're not seeing anyone, you may meet a foreigner online. 

♐ Sagittarius

Nov 22 – Dec 21

(⏰) You're getting better at analysing people and situations. A conflict may turn into a win-win situation. You deliver in terms of productivity and quality. You're deemed a successor for an important job title. However, you may already plan to change jobs.  

(₿) You make money hand over fist. A small prize or gift is on the cards. Investors make the right call and make nice profits from it. What should be yours will be yours.

(♥) Couples will have an opportunity to clear the air. They may visit a new place this weekend. A romantic Loy Krathong night is on the cards.  

(⚤) Don't be too eager to get to know someone you fancy or be too available for them. Take things slower and give them a chance to get to know you on their own terms. 

♑ Capricorn

Dec 22 – Jan 19

(⏰) You become more creative and proactive next week. You radiate a positive vibe and colleagues want to hang out with you. You have no problems meeting deadlines whether they're for solo or group tasks. 

(₿) You spend every baht with good reason and think twice before buying anything. If you have debt, you'll make a dent in the principal. 

(♥) You may hold a secret or tell your partner a white lie to avoid an argument. Someone in your career network or friend circle may slide into your DMs. 

(⚤) If you're seeing two people at the same time, you may get caught by the one you prefer. S/he will not be as friendly with you as before. 

♒ Aquarius

Jan 20 – Feb 18

(⏰) You know how to overcome drama and conflict in your workplace or avoid them completely. Your team may suddenly become smaller, causing a heavier workload for all remaining members. The added burden is fairly shared so it doesn't feel too heavy.  

(₿) You may receive a small windfall or extra income. A financial negotiation is likely to end in a win-win situation. You keep your spending under control. 

(♥) Couples don't get to spend much time together as they become busier with work and family responsibilities. Someone may slide into your DMs even though it's clear that you're off the market. 

(⚤) Someone who isn't your type shows romantic interest. S/he tries to win you over with nice gifts and free meals. 

♓ Pisces

Feb 19 – Mar 20

(⏰) An opportunity to perform tasks outside your comfort zone is on the cards. If you embrace it, you may find your true calling. Business owners may enter a new market in another province or outside Thailand. 

(₿) Your share of inheritance or a big windfall is on the cards. Investors can expect higher-than-expected returns from their portfolios. By now, you may already achieved your savings goal for 2023.  

(♥) Couples may enjoy a new hobby together this weekend. They put more effort and time into their sexy time. 

(⚤) Someone who ghosted you may try to reconnect or come back to your life in an unexpected way. They seem eager to get to know you for real this time. 

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