New taste tinglers for your palate
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New taste tinglers for your palate

The last month has seen the arrival of new F&B offerings in Bangkok


Bangkok is a city that never sleeps, at least in the food and beverage department. Blink and you’ll miss another new restaurant opening or a drink launch. Guru By Bangkok Post is making sure that even if you blink, you don’t miss out on the new taste tinglers that are worth mentioning.

Sababa: New Mediterranean izakaya

Probably, my favourite new opening of the year so far is Sababa, offering Mediterranean sharing platters, served izakaya-style. Taken from Hebrew slang meaning "cool" or "fine", the name  also embodies the Thai vibe of "sabai sabai" in ambience. While the restaurant is in a house with a garden, the large glass windows lets the outdoors come in, so to speak. 

Though head chef Maxim Baile's forte has always been French cuisine, at Sababa he steps out of his comfort zone to create a spectacular comfort zone. “We decided to serve our casual, homey food in sharing platters. This makes the entire experience more enjoyable. We have some 40 dishes on the menu, in small portions, divided into hot and cold. This is so that people can try different dishes at different temperatures and still have a huge choice when they come back. A table of four people can easily share 15 dishes, without breaking the bank. We also have a bar separate from the main dining room and a private room upstairs,” explains chef Baile. 

Expect to whet the appetite with dishes like Endive served with feta, shiso, salicornia or glasswort (samphire for the lay people), ebiki and a Sicilian XO vinaigrette; Escabeche mussels and clams with EVO, barigoule (artichokes) and salicornia; and Monkfish and duck foie gras served with sumac and pickled pineapple. 

A twist on the classic Italian dish, the Beef tongue Milanaise uses beef tongue, breaded, pan-fried, served with a salad and chermoula. The Wild Cameron shrimp arrive on skewers, two to a plate, and are served with garlic, lemon zest and colatura di alici, an Italian fish sauce made with anchovies. Don’t forget to suck on the head for extra yumminess! Bone marrow is paired with charred aubergines and dukkah, while Oxtail bonbons come with grain mustard and yuzu kosho.   

Though it’s easy to get full on all the savoury dishes, do leave room for dessert. You’re not going to regret the extra calories of the Pistachio chocolate soufflé with rose petal plombiere ice cream and orange blossom or the Chocolate mousse with genmacha almond biscuit, caramelised seeds, sea salt and a generous drizzle of vanilla olive oil, tableside. Though if you do fancy something refreshing, get the Sababa colonel, which is a lime sorbet and house-made verbena liqueur.  Sababa is also pet-friendly, though open only in evenings, for now. 

Orri, Thailand’s first sparkling adaptogenic beverage

First used in the 40s, the term “adaptogen” describes certain plant-based extracts that can non-specifically enhance the human body. They claim to reduce the negative effects of stress and help improve the body’s resistance to anxiety and fatigue, while boosting the immune system. Think of Ayurveda or traditional Chinese medicine that use plants, herbs and roots like ginseng or triphala. 

Enjoyed chilled, Orri is available in two flavours — Glow, which is dark berry sakura, and Rise, which has yuzu pomelo and sea salt. Crafted with real fruit juice, each can contains 20 calories or less, and has no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Instead, Orri’s range of drinks feature a blend of adaptogens like ginkgo biloba, Korean ginseng, elderberry and beta glucan. 

Each flavour has been crafted to provide not just refreshment, but also a touch of aromatherapy with each sip. The Glow is a fusion of green tea and cranberry juice infused with elderberry and beta glucan adaptogens to boost the immune system and support overall wellness. Rise delivers a burst of energy with ginkgo biloba and Korean ginseng. 

A good on-the-go drink on days that you’re feeling the need to replenish energy levels, Orri is available across Thailand at Tops, Lazada, Shopee and specialty stores like Sweet & Green, as well as select coffee shops and restaurants.

Pistola, India’s first aged agave now in Bangkok

Agave, a grass-like flowering plants plant native to the arid regions of the Americas and synonymous with tequila and Mexico, however also grows in the arid regions of India. 

Maya Pistola Agavepura is India’s first aged agave spirit to enter the Bangkok market. “Agave has been growing wild in the highlands of the Deccan Plateau, which covers most of south India. “It was introduced to the Indian landscape 200-250 years ago by Queen Victoria, who had it planted along the railroads to stop cattle from being hit by oncoming trains,” explains co-founder Rakshay Dhariwal. “It's made a great natural barrier used as fencing. These days, it's used to demarcate land farmers’ land because you don't need to water it. You don't need to take care of the plant that just grows wild,” he adds.

“The brand is named after the Mexican goddess of agave, Mayahuel, who hid from her evil grandmother in an agave plant, but was discovered and destroyed. Distraught, her lover, the God of Wind, scattered her remains across the world's richest soils. Our inspiration comes from this myth,” says CEO Kimberly Pereira. The agave is small-batched, blended to showcase the natural minerality expected from wild agave and the notes from the ageing process in old whiskey casks. 

“The product was launched in January 2022, though we’ve been working on it since March 2020. We produce about 60,000 litres at 55 ABV per year; so around 100,000 bottles a year,” says Dhariwal. The brand produces five variations, however in Bangkok only three will be available. The classic Joven, a blend of aged and unaged 100% agave spirits, with forward agave notes, alongside fresh citrus, mint, coriander seeds, green peppercorn and honey. The Reposado is aged for four to five months in former Bourbon and American oak casks with forward notes of vanilla, oak, grass, black pepper and soft tobacco. The Añejo is aged for more than 14 months in virgin American white oak casks with a profound oaky nose of cocoa, dried figs and a subtle smoky background.

The brand is aged and bottled in Goa on India’s west coast, where the tropical weather adds to the flavour of the spirit. 

Dough Bros, from Hong Kong to Bangkok

The Hong Kong sourdough pizza brand Dough Bros has entered the Thai market and has opened at Gaysorn Amarin. In a market saturated with pizza’s, Dough Bros also sells doughnuts and says their selling point is that each order is made to order, including the doughnuts. 

Each pizza uses the same sourdough starter that built the brand, one that co-founder Edmund Rolston started five years ago. Rolston and co-founder Matthew Lamming now have 25 branches all over Hong Kong. “This is our first overseas branch,” says Rolston. “We are all about the dough. The sourdough culture is the same as in Hong Kong and a piece of that culture goes into every pizza dough ball. It creates a unique flavour and a fluffy crust. Even our doughnuts are made-to-order from scratch,” adds Rolston. 

The sourdough pizzas are 10in. and get sliced into six pieces. “Right now our menu offers the classics, but soon we will be launching some Thai-inspired toppings,” says Rolston. To celebrate the launch, Dough Bros has introduced a “Win A Trip To Hong Kong” lucky draw. One person will score roundtrip Bangkok to Hong Kong air fare for two people, two nights at a five-star hotel in Hong Kong and Dough Dollars to spend on the trip, including unlimited pizza and doughnuts for the entire trip at any Dough Bros branches in Hong Kong. To enter, visit their Facebook page. 

Fatboy Izakaya, new branch, new chef

The modern Japanese food and drink haven has opened a second branch at the heart of the revamped space at Gaysorn Amarin. 

At the new branch, new head chef Andrew Martin will be offering a personalised menu. “As a Canadian-Japanese, I will be offering an inventive and playful menu. I aim to celebrate the abundance of Thailand's incredible fresh produce with a combination of imported ingredients, to create a tasteful experience that goes beyond ordinary,” says the chef. 

The menu, exclusively tailored for this branch, presents a blend of contemporary and signature dishes. Expect Chilean seabasss, Nigiri platter, Oaxaca mole and the Fatboy roll. From refreshing cocktails to fine sakes, every beverage enriches the menu and the experience. 

Though open during the day, the atmosphere evolves throughout the evening, with LED lights infusing the bar area with energy and excitement. As the night progresses, the space shifts from sleek to futuristic, with the ceiling's LED digital patterns dazzled with changing colours. The late-night vibe gets a boost with DJs. An inclusive hangout space. 

Take Eat Easy, Yenakart’s latest dining destination

Bangkok’s newest backyard oasis has opened its doors on Yenakart. The restaurant’s stylishly laid-back atmosphere serves an all-day experience of elevated casual dining,i nspired by northern Californian cuisine.

The venue features a lush outdoor dining space centred around a 200-year-old tree. Inside, the dining area and bar offer a well-curated coffee, tea, and cocktail programme, with an adventurous wine list. The space opens at 8am, making it an ideal breakfast spot, lunch meetings and friendly dinner get-togethers.

In the evening, the indoor space transforms into a dining experience, where the owners plan to showcase Thai artisanal products and fresh local ingredients, creative events, live music, DJ sets, art exhibitions and movie screenings.

The restaurant is the result of a collective expertise chef Tim Butler of Eat Me, who was consulted for the menu; beverage aficionados Ben-David and Dannie Sorum of By.sorum, and Johan Per Simon Davidsson. 

The menu is served in Asian family style and sharing portions. Take Eat Easy’s casual daytime menu includes dishes such as Ribs and eggs, Reuben waffles, Kimchi and tofu bowl and N’duja and chorizo pasta. As evening sets in, diners can enjoy Smoked beef jerky, North Point Ranch beef tartare, Smoked duck salad and the signature Slow smoked pork ribs, which is available in three sizes.

The coffee selection comes from local farmers and roasters. Local teas like Monsoon Tea are also on offer as are milkshakes and iced tea crushes, local craft beers, signature cocktails and hand-picked wines from small producers. A “BBQ and Bubbles Brunch” takes place every Saturday. 

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