Amity incorporating GPT-3 technology
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Amity incorporating GPT-3 technology

ChatGPT tech adds to firm's new product

Amity incorporating GPT-3 technology
Mr Korawad said the integration of GPT-3 technology, which underpins ChatGPT, into Amity's chatbot service can deliver curated and complex text in response to customers' inquiries with ease.

Amity, a Bangkok-based tech startup specialising in the provision of social features for applications, says it will incorporate generative pre-trained transformer (GPT-3) technology, which provides the backbone for the ChatGPT chatbot, into its chatbot service to support businesses in dealing with customer inquiries in more effective ways.

GPT-3 technology by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence (AI) lab in San Francisco, can produce human-like text and responses in real time.

"Bringing ChatGPT technology to Amity Bots means our customers can harness the power of AI to easily produce curated and complex text while easing the workload of their teams," said Korawad Chearavanont, founder and chief executive of Amity.

"The possibilities this presents -- especially for customer service -- are endless. We're excited to be one of the first platform-as-a-service [PaaS] providers in Thailand to integrate GPT-3 into chatbot and see the success our customers have using AI in conjunction with Amity Bots Plus."

Amity introduced a new product, Amity Bots Plus, which is designed to bring the power of ChatGPT technology to Thai businesses.

Leveraging the advanced GPT-3 Mode, Amity Bots Plus offers a powerful chatbot solution that can tap into existing organisational knowledge to provide customer service, he said.

With the ability to automatically comprehend and utilise existing knowledge in document form, Amity Bots Plus can generate its own responses to handle customer inquiries without relying on pre-scripted content or templates, Mr Korawad noted.

The integration of this advanced tech into Amity Bots will enable companies to provide a more personalised, efficient and top-notch customer service experience powered by AI.

Touchapon Kraisingkorn, Amity's co-founder and chief technology officer, told the Bangkok Post Amity Bots Plus leverages the same AI technology ChatGPT does, with the add-on capability of being able to learn from any new knowledge a client may want the system to learn.

This means that it is not limited to knowledge up to 2021, as is the case with ChatGPT, and Amity Bots Plus has the ability to learn from any documentation, said Mr Touchapon.

"We also added a capability to the system to support multiple languages without having to train the bot in multiple languages," he said.

"Organisations can train the system by using a document about a product in English, and then ask the question in English, Thai or even Chinese."

Amity Bots Plus allows the client to train the chatbot based on preexisting documents. Once it is trained it is able to handle questions related to that knowledge without having to come up with all the question scenarios, he said.

According to Mr Touchapon, generative AI is the new wave of AI and GPT, which will give all AI and tech firms a much-needed head start.

"We no longer need to train AI corpus from the ground up," he said.

The estimated cost of training ChatGPT is US$5-12 million.

"We can use an off-the-shelf pre-trained model," said Mr Touchapon.

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