Rare and endangered plant motifs bloom in Onitsuka Tiger collection

(Photos: onitsuka tiger)

A few months ago, the bluish-purple Neelakurinji flowers blanketed the hills of Kodagu and Idukki districts in the Indian states of Karnataka and Kerala. It was a feast for the eyes as the blossoming of Strobilanthes kunthiana occurs once every 12 years.

With white-bordered green petals, the endangered Deeringia polysperma is native to Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and New Guinea.

Minimalist representations of these two plants bloom as motifs in Onitsuka Tiger's capsule collection for winter 2021.

Named "The Darjeeling Flowers", the collection is a collaboration between the Japanese fashion brand and nowartt textile founded by Toyoki Adachi in 2012.

Adachi is notable for textile graphic designs based on the fusion of analogue (hand-drawn) and digital expression.

Heritage and modern art are integrated into nowartt's graphic designs. Nowartt stands for "now art textile" and its graphics feature flowers, birds, bugs or animals while conveying the message "comfort of harmony with nature".

Adachi's signatures have been combined for floral prints of Onitsuka Tiger's new tracksuits, down jackets, shoes, and backpacks.

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