Ukraine-Thailand form cultural bond

Ukraine-Thailand form cultural bond

Ukraine-Thailand form cultural bond
Rames Promyen, director-general of Museum Siam, left, and Oleksandr Lysak, chargé d'affaires of the Ukrainian embassy, right. (Photos: Pornprom Satrabhaya)

In collaboration with the Ukrainian embassy, Museum Siam launched a new audio guide service in the Ukrainian language for the "Decoding Thainess" exhibition. The service will help Ukrainian visitors have easier access to learning the history, culture and Thai ways of life in 14 exhibition rooms at Museum Siam. It took two years to develop the translation of content for the Ukrainian audio guide service. Currently, the "Decoding Thainess" exhibition provides seven languages for audio guide services including Thai, English, German, Chinese, Japanese, French and Ukrainian.

Oleksandr Lysak, chargé d'affaires of the embassy, said it collaborated with Museum Siam because it is well known among Ukrainian visitors to be the top museum in Thailand. Hence, the audio guide service will help to promote Thai culture to Ukrainians.

On the 1st floor of Museum Siam, there is a photo exhibition, "Diverse Ukraine", which portrays Ukrainian national costumes. The exhibition photos were originally taken at a workshop titled "Treti Pivni", or "Third Rooster").

Audio guide service is available in Ukrainian.

Olga Rusova, the embassy's second secretary, explained that Ukrainian stylist Dominika Dyka, who set up the workshop, worked with Ukrainian photographers, stylists, make-up artists and promoters in order to display beautiful Ukrainian traditional costumes through photos. Dyka recreated the ancient looks by dressing people in traditional costumes with a headdress to show old-time traditions and outfits. The workshop makes the vintage costumes look more modern. Also, "Diverse Ukraine" displays how rich Ukrainian culture is because each region has its different outfits.

"Diverse Ukraine" will be run at Museum Siam (MRT Sanam Chai) until May 29. The entry fee is 100 baht (50 baht for children). Visit

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