Hua Lamphong enters its last 2 years

Bangkok Post photographer Wichan Charoenkiatpakul spends a day at Hua Lamphong railway station which is scheduled to close in 2019.

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Railway station nears end of line

Wichan Charoenkiatpakul

Every day, thousands of people from all walks of life pass through Hua Lamphong railway station in Bangkok.

The station has been serving travellers in Thailand for more than 100 years. Some are full of hope of finding a new life in the big city on arrival. Some are bidding farewell to their families and friends. Some are lost in the flow of people. Hua Lamphong has witnessed lots of emotions.

The station was considered modern when it opened in 1916 after six years of construction, but in the next few years Hua Lamphong will become a memory. The State Railway of Thailand plans to relocate Bangkok’s central station to Bang Sue in 2019. Hua Lamphong will then be turned into a museum.

Travellers will be able to appreciate the station’s unique architectural style. Influenced by European architecture, Hua Lamphong’s steel structure features an arched roof with two ends decorated with stained glass windows. Its design showcases the elegant use of marble and an iconic clock.

Over the years, the station has been constantly renovated. Hua Lamphong has always exuded warmth to welcome passengers passing through the station to find their destiny.

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