Answers to weekly business news quiz: October 21-25, 2013

Check to see if you got the right answers on the weekly business news quiz.

Asterixes ("***") mark correct answer. 

1. Recently, sales of notebooks....

a. Increased

***b. Decreased.

c. Remained the same. 

2. Why do people in the tourism industry not like the 500 baht entry fee to Thailand? 

a. The tourism ministry does not oppose the plan. 

b. Thailand needs higher quality tourists. 

***c. Tourists may feel they are being cheated. 

d. Tourists will get health insurance with the new entry fee. 

3. What allows BAAC bank to borrow 140 billion more for government rice purchases? 

a. A 500 million baht cap on debt. 

***b. A loan guarantee by the Finance Ministry. 

c. Repayment in full of previous amounts borrowed. 

d. Selling more rice than expected. 

4. Did the surprise amnesty bill this week make the prices of Thai stocks rise or fall? 

a. Rise

***b. Fall 

c. No change. 

5. What kind of industries did the BoI reduce incentives for this week? 

a. Technology industries. 

***b. Industries using a lot of labour. 

c. Tourism industry. 

d. Farming industry. 

6. To boost non-voice revenue AIS is planning to sell content from:

a. Politicians. 

b. People in your family. 

***c. Celebrities. 

d. Famous footballers.

7. How many times must a farmer miss a payment deadline before he becomes a non-performing debtor on his government issued loan card? 

a. One time.

b. Two times. 

***c. Three times. 

d. Four times. 

8. Why does Thailand need more vocational students? 

***a. Future infrastructure projects. 

b. To go to open houses and road shows. 

c. Local standards are below international standards. 

d. Not enough people are graduating Matayom 3. 

9. Why did the government first-time car buyer's scheme cause a temporary increase in NPLs? 

a. Not enough people qualified for loans. 

b. People could not pay back new car loans. 

***c. Prices fell for used cars. 

d. The economy was bad. 

10. Which has suffered from non-performing loans recently? 

a. Bangkok bank

***b. SME bank.

c. National Credit Bureau. 

d. Bank of Thailand

11. What are some problems with low Thai sugar prices? 

***a. Sugar smuggled out of Thailand.

b. Farmers do not make enough money.

c. Reform is slow. 

d. Government subsidies. 

12. What has caused increased stock price movement at SET recently? 

a. New circuit breaker. 

b. Large-cap stocks. 

c. Institutional investors. 

***d. New high-frequency trading system. 

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